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The Big Book of Ceramics : A Guide to...
A Guide to the History, Materials, Equipment, and Techniques of Hand-Building, Molding, Throwing, Kiln-Firing, and Glazing
The Complete Book of Pottery Making
Provides information on materials and equipment as well as the techniques for modeling clay, coil and slab building, molding, glazing, and firing.
The Potter's Workshop
All the basic theory and techniques needed to produce ceramics at home.  20 projects set out in step-by-step detail, these are supplied by 12 specialist potters.
Handbuilt Tableware
The author - an experienced ceramist and teacher - leads you through the entire process, with over 400 step-by-step photos: Getting Started, Using Clay, Tools, Supplies, Equipment, Techniques. There are four full table settings described and illustrated.
A Complete Guide to Pottery-making Techniques
Tony Birks

Extruded Ceramics
Diane Panciolo

A Complete Guide to Pottery-making...
A beginners guide to wheel-made pottery and the full range of hand-building, slip-casting, extrusion and Raku techniques, with an extended section on glazing and decoration.
The Complete Practical Potter
Step by step instructions and photographs.  Six sections cover design, hand-building, making and using moulds, throwing, glazing and decoration and kilns and firing.'
Ceramics for Gardens and Landscapes
Ceramics for the outdoors.  History and advice.  Practices, techniques and work of international artists illustrate how problems can be overcome while still producing attractive pieces of work.
Extruded Ceramics
Shows how to use a clay extruder and how an international group of artists have taken what is an industrial tool and used it to provide work of an extremely high quality.
Architectural Ceramics for the Studio...
Large projects.
Peter King leads the reader through the basics of design, decoration, sectioning and firing of large objects like fireplaces, sinks and pedestals and kitchen countertops.
The Art of Handbuilt Ceramics
Historical and cultural overview to world ceramics,  tips to beginners on how to try their own pieces in clay,  step-by-step photographs, on handbuilding and glazing methods, and ways of monoprinting on clay.
Handbuilt Ceramics : Pinching, Coiling,...
A complete guide to shaping clay without a potter's wheel that teaches basic handbuilding techniques such as pinching, coiling, smoothing, incising, burnishing and glazing, as well as how to decorate the surface and how to kiln fire.
Clay for People with Special Needs This book is intended as a guide for anyone who wants to use clay while working with people who have special needs. Techniques such as coiling and throwing, and the various tools and equipment that are needed are discussed.
Design Sourcebook: Ceramics by Edmond De Waal
From abstract vessels to domestic tableware and sculptural pieces in earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. It features the work of ceramic artists who use a wide range of clays and decorative and firing techniques to produce pieces,  from all over the world. Working with Paperclay The idea of combining fibres with clay is not a new idea but the use of paperclay is a concept that has recently taken root with potters. Anne Lightwood's guide to using this material is fully illustrated in colour. Salt-Glaze Ceramics
An explanation of modern day processes and principles with a look back at the history of the techniques of salt glazing.  Lavish photos of leading potters show off the textures and colours of this method.
A Potters Guide to Ceramic Surfaces
This book takes a good look at decorative techniques that can be applied at different stages using various methods including biscuit, multiple firing and post firing.

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