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What is Discus                         See Discus in use

In short, Discus is the most powerful, compact and portable potters wheel in the world. The Discus is designed around durable technology with an extremely powerful motor, only one-third the height of a conventional electric motor and delivering full torque at all speeds. Including motor and drive assembly the wheel unit measures only 170mm high!

A solid-state controller and the constant torque motor provide the means for Discus potters wheels to throw higher loads of clay than the horsepower or size suggests.
During tests, the Discus range of pottery wheels proved capable of production runs of mugs, tea/coffee pot, bowls, vases and other pottery items in commercial quantities.
Large items of work up to 38kgs (85lbs) were produced by Paul Marshall, senior staff member at the University of Derby Art Department.
The Discus is suitable for throwing oversize bowls using larger plywood bats. These fit by unscrewing two grub screws on the wheel head which serve as dowels to position and hold the bat in position. The only limit on the size of the pot is the purely practical issue of physical size.

The Versatile Discus

The motor can be reversed at the flick of a switch - a feature greatly appreciated by left-handed potters.
The unit is totally independent and will sit securely without fixing on any work surface
When not in use, the units can be stacked one on another, freeing valuable space in a craft studio or classroom for other artwork and projects.

Discus is designed to be maintenance free. Full instructions are supplied with each unit. 

Engineered for Durability
The main housing is moulded in ABS plastic with inserts for strength and rigidity.
A special low voltage plug/socket arrangement for the motor eliminates the risk of incorrect connections.
The wheel-head enclosure is a one-piece spun aluminium component. This protects the bearings, drive belt and electric motor. It also protects the users hands from being trapped between the enclosure and the rotating wheel-head.
The foot pedal is made from high impact plastic with a metal base. The pedal is fitted with 2.5 meters of cable. The unit contains a low voltage potentiometer that provides the main speed control unit with a speed signal.
There is no spring return in the pedal (except where supplied to schools or colleges for student or disabled use). The user can set a speed and then remove his or her foot.
10:1 reducer gears are manufactured from 'R7', an advanced Polyphenilin Sulphide polymer. This provides a quiet drive train.
The supple belt with fabric faced rubber teeth, together with the gears reduces drive noise. Dimension match between the gear and teeth allows virtually friction free drives with an efficiency of approx 98%
The main bearing is an industry standard sealed for life double race ball bearing. The axial load rating is 5 tons


The original award winning design with a high impact one piece bowl and non slip feet. Designed to stand just 6” (150mm) above the table top and fitted with an advanced electric pancake motor. Electronically controlled to deliver constant full torque at all speeds. Single forward-stop-reverse control. Remote electronic foot control with long lead and non-slip base. A cast aluminium wheel head incorporates centering rings and is fitted with the Discus bat retaining system complete with two 280mm bats and the new ceramic bat system (this does not include the retainer or bats). Throws 35lbs clay. Range 0 to 300 rpm. Fully guaranteed for five years (all parts including drive belts)

See this wheel in action: Craftsman on Youtube


Our best selling model, based on the original award winning Discus and now with a new flat 1/4 hp advanced sealed electric motor. Cast 10” (250mm) aluminium wheel head with centring rings, fitted with the Discus bat retaining system. Remote electronic foot control with non-slip base - fitted with automatic stop spring return for student/school use. Throws 25lbs clay. Range 0 to 250 rpm Supplied fully guaranteed for five years (all parts including drive belts)


A versatile model. The wheel can be supplied with a hand controller or remote electronic foot pedal. A range of motors are available to suit the weight of clay being centered. All feature a 10” cast aluminium wheel head fitted with the Discus bat retaining system which can accommodate bats up to 750mm without the bowl. With non-slip base, carrying handle and 1/4 hp motor. Ideal for easy transportation and throwing wide plates or use as a turntable/trimming station or polishing machine.

See this wheel in action:Compact on Youtube



Discus Fold Flat Wheel Stand

New Fold Flat Stand, built to the same high standards as the wheel, fully portable, easy to assemble, stores flat when not in use yet provides the ideal base for your Discus Potters Wheel. Suitable for all Discus Wheels from the basic Junior to the most powerful Craftsman. Made from top grade WBP Plywood the stand is designed to give total stability to the wheel whatever the speed or load. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable position even for long sessions at the wheel.

A detachable shelf for tools and containers fits onto any Discus model.


Discus Plastic Bats

11” & 12” Predrilled for use with the Discus Wheels.



Ceramic Bat retainer

Consists of an 11” bat with a 6” circular cut-out to take a circular ceramic tile. Fits all new and existing drilled and tapped aluminium wheel heads.


Special Hand Controllers

Special hand controllers available.


 All prices are inclusive of VAT in the UK . Carriage extra. Due to our policy of continuous development specifications may vary. E&OE All wheels are hand built to order.

Try Discus you can try a Discus wheel by phoning the pottery 01270 884080 and arranging a visit.
Discus Open Days
will be held at The Potters Barn for you to try the wheels and to talk to the inventor & maker of this original and revolutionary development in thrown pottery.  A Raku course may be running on the same day adding extra interest to your visit.

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