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The Potter's Palette  
An excellent book for anyone interested in glazes.  Good photo-
graphs of test tiles and notes on tests.   A nice book to look at even if you don't make glazes.
The Ceramic Glaze Handbook : Materials,... Chinese Glazes : Their Origins,... Ash Glazes   40 ash glazes, and instructions for making synthetic ash glazes.  Glaze tests illustrate the effect of different materials and circumstances in the firing process.
Copper Red Glazes
For potters who want success without doing extensive and frustrating experimentation.
A clear account of the production of glazes that has a relevance for potters beyond copper red.
Celadon Blues
Years of research have gone into recreating glazes with modern materials.  Includes examples, results and recipes.
New Maiolica
A "workshop in print", this book guides the reader through some of the conceptual, material and technical concerns in producing new Maiolica. (Tin-glazed earthenware).
Ceramics Handbooks: Glazes: Cone 6  
Firing to cone 6 has advantages and disadvantages.  Developments in firing are covered. The author also discusses: glazes (inc. special effects), slips, and stains, including recipes.
The Glaze Book
Large-format, superbly illustrated.  Packed with information & recipes which are reproduced pictorially so you can see the colour and surface responses.  Brief description, its firing range, and uses included.  Good for the beginner and old hand alike.  This will enable you to make a great range of glazes and surface effects.

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