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Contemporary Ceramics  
260 artists in full colour. A complete picture of the latest developments.
10,000 Years of Pottery  
Pottery through the ages around the world with analysis of developments in the 20th. century.
British Studio Potters' Marks  
3000+ entries.  Identification by monograms, signs and creatures along with an alphabetical listing.
Country Pottery
History of British country potteries, the personalities and their wares. How a new generation of potters have been influenced by them and how these potters incorporate the traditions in their work.
Modern Pots: Hans Coper, Lucie Rie and...  examples of the works of some 20 other potters - including Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, Janet Leach, Maria Martinez, Ewen Henderson, Ian Godfrey and James Tower - as well as  younger artists. Bernard Leach
If you like pottery you have to know this man. His influence on the growth of the studio-pottery movement, both in Japan and in the West, has been profound.
New Ceramic Design 
Edmund De Waal
Painted Clay by Paul Scott
This book looks at ceramicists who use clay as a canvas on which to paint. Traditionally, many artists such as Picasso and Miro have painted on clay, but nowadays many more ceramicists are using clay as the canvas. Paul Scott looks at these artists, their philosophies and techniques.

Jun Kaneko by
Susan Peterson

The first in-depth survey of the Japanese artist whose work has created a new and radical language in ceramics. He is best known for his 'dangos' - large-scale, painted forms, whose richly glazed surfaces communicate a humanity that belies their huge size. She examines turning-points and intersperses her commentary with previously unpublished statements from Kaneko himself. Traditional Pottery of India Pottery has a long history in India. Over the centuries it has been used for domestic ware, votive pieces and for architecture. Each area of the country is known for its different styles, decorations and ways of making. In this book, the author, not only looks at Indian pottery but also at the communities who make it, their organization, history and philosophy. The Human Form in Clay  50 contemporary artists from around the world who have chosen to create the human form in clay. Detailed account of each artist's work, along with biographical details and descriptions of working methods. Each artist has been asked to nominate a major source of inspiration - whether another artist or key work, in any medium and from any culture - giving the reasons for their choice. The Figure in Fired Clay
This book looks at how the "artist" has treated the human form on and in clay from the beginning of time up to the present day.  With information on mythological and historical connections.

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